If These Animals Could Talk, What Would They Say about Family?

huey dewey louie

The original animated Disney crew members are pretty awkwardly clad. I mean, none of the ducks wear pants. The mice wear gloves. No one is sure why Goofy has a complete outfit and Pluto is an honest-to-goodness dog…whose owner is an anthropomorphic mouse…with gloves. This means either Mickey is enormous or Pluto is tiny; probably the former considering the existence of Chip and Dale. But I digress.

Aside from the characters’ garb, much research and discussion has been dedicated to the troubling sexuality and gender issues (the repeated princess narrative and more) and/or racial elements (from Song of the South to The Princess and the Frog among others) that appear in iconic Disney films as time marched on and character choice evolved. Now, I’m not saying these topics don’t deserve targeting, but what about the idea of how these characters are related? What about family? Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and explore the family structures that these movies present to children and families.

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